Cannot sign into Scene Manager?

I’m trying to sign into my Scene Manager (@09:45am on 19th April 2021) and it isn’t signing me in, claiming that my email or password isn’t correct.

It was totally correct yesterday !

So I tried to log into my account online and that too doesn’t log me in.

So I asked for a Password Reset and it said that it has sent me an email to reset my password.

Yet… no Email has been received after 10 minutes waiting…

I don’t like subscription software as a rule, but this is where I feel things are unfair. I paid for this software, why should this NOT work.

I’ve paid for a year’s worth, you don’t need to keep verifying my usage every single time (I’m just ONE person, ONE computer, ONE project).

Thank you.

Hello Jez,

Sorry for the trouble. I can confirm we had a problem with our licensing at that time for a few minutes, but since then everything should work fine.

The reset email may land into your span folder, or if it did not arrive at all, let us know and we can resend it.

I get your frustration, but since all of our softwares uses a floating license system we pull and push these licenses every time you open or close the Scene Manager for example, and because of that we need to check certain things. Believe me we don’t like asking for passwords and other login credentials and we are trying to minimize these things.

Please let us know if you experience any problem.