Dome lights - individual rotation slider per pass

Hi guys! I have a scene where I am using the same Dome light for different shots but only changing the rotation of it. I might be missing something here but the way I have to do it at the moment with SM is to duplicate the dome light and change the rotation of one of them.

I wonder if for the dome lights, we could have something similar to the Hdri card, like a separate controller for the rotation of the dome, so that we could use the same dome/hdri many times by just changing the orientation of the light/shadows. What do you think?


Hi Lautaro,

Thank you for the idea! Just to have a better understanding could you let me know what you have on the dome in this scene? Maybe there is a better workaround.


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@attila.cselovszki sure! Here’s a screenshot of an example. I’d like to use that same one Dome light for both shots but with a different rotation on each shot. Since we lock the dome light to the HDRI texture which makes the sun position consistent across our projects and scenes (it is always in the middle of the image for all the HDRIs we use) it’d be great if we could rotate the dome light itself instead of the hdri per-pass
Hope this helps, thanks!