"Forest Pack with "Item editor" is not rendered

Hi, I ran into a problem in Forest Pack, when I select the “Item editor” function, my computer normally renders the picture, but when I upload it to the render manager, the forest pack where I selected this function (item editor) will disappear. Even if I render on my own pc through it. Can you tell me how you can deal with this? I currently have a trial version, can there be a problem with that?

Hi, thanks for posting your issue.
The trial version for all of our products are fully featured, the only limiation is the time which is usually 30 days.

The problem you mention in here and at this post (Distributing trees on spline with Forest Pack) seams unrelated to the render manager. These Forest features are widely used and I’m sure people would have reported if it was a problem. Once the render manager receives a job it will open up the max file that got saved during the submission, setup a few things and it will render and save your image.

If you still think that something is not okay, please send us an example, the good and the bad render. a max file and the version of max and forest pack so we can reproduce your problem.