Loading error with version 2.2.17

I’m getting the loading error sign every time I try to open pulze. I’ve already restarted my pc and delete the cache in pulze folder, and still doesn’t work.

Yeah sorry about that please download this corrected version: https://www.pulze.io/download?sku=pulze_scnmgr_max&ver=2.2.18

Hi Peter, I think I am having the same issue with Vray 6 as well. Some nodes render the camera view but others render a black frame or sometimes an obscure view. The nodes that give issues randomly change when I re-submit the job. I have updated all the nodes and my pc with the pulze render manager link you provided above as well as updated scene manager to the latest version on my pc.

Because I need Vray 6 to render my scene I am now stuck as I cannot use Vray 6 with the previous version of pulze that didn’t have this issue.

I hope you can help.

I believe you are talking about the render manager. For that please have a look at this version: https://public.pulze.io/pulze-downloads/pulze_service/2.1.6/pulze_216_win.zip If you still have issues after this please drop us a mail to info@pulze.io!

Yes I apologize I was meant to post on this thread: Camera rendering with target incorrect

Thanks for your reply I will try the version you linked me to now.