Render Elements method?

Hi guys,

when i compute my final render by hand i usually do my save output manually:

-I hit “save all” to save all my render elements, mask, bloom glare, volumetrics, etc in .PNG

-in second step, i save my beauty in .EXR WITHOUT any effect (Bloom Glare).

With that method i can add or no effects on post production with photoshop.

Do you any tricks to batch this with scene manager and render with render manager?



Have you tried PSDManager ?

Hi Maximilien,

May I ask you which render engine do you use?



Hi Attila,

sorry, i’m using Corona renderer.


Hi Maximilien,

To achieve your goal in Corona is directly not possible but we have been working on a solution so we will get back to you soon.


Thanks Attila, good news!


Hi @maximilien

There are a few ways to do this, here is the most simple one step by step.

  1. Set up an output path through scene manager and let it save your beauty and elements as a PNG.

  1. Enable the Script - Editor module and under the Post-Render tab add the following script: (if you would like to use this on all the setups then do this step with multiple setups selected)
-- function which will turn on/off the required vfb settings
function updateCoronaVfb enabled=
	-- turn off bloom and glare
	renderers.current.bloomGlare_enabled = enabled
	--any other changes to the vfb
	--renderers.current.colorMap_lut_enable = enabled
	--renderers.current.colorMap_enabled = enabled

-- change the save path extension to exr
saveDir = (getFilenamePath rendOutputFilename) + (getFilenameFile rendOutputFilename) + ".exr"

-- turn off bloom and glare etc. before saving the extra image
updateCoronaVfb false

-- save the altered image as an exr
CoronaRenderer.CoronaFP.dumpVfb saveDir

-- enabled them back for the next render
updateCoronaVfb true

This script will change the output extension to exr and it will disable bloom and glare and re-save the output as an exr. So you should end up with this:

  1. Once you tested it out and everything is fine you can save the script to your server as a and use that in the Script - File module. This might be a better solution, since it is easier to maintain and modify the script. In this case you can close or disable the Script - Editor module.


Let us know how it goes.

Woww Peter, impressive!!

your a master!
I’ll try it very soon.