Render Manager 2.1.2

Download it from here!

  • Added new V-Ray Standalone job type
  • Added new Chaos Vantage job type
  • Added new Arnold Standalone job type
  • Added new Fusion job type
  • Added Fusion and V-Ray Swarm options to Spawner Mode
  • Support for 3ds Max 2023
  • Support for Corona 8
  • Scene Manager 2.2 compatibility
  • Added Render target option to the Job Submitter when V-Ray or Arnold is used as the renderer
  • Added Fusion, Arnold Kick, V-Ray Standalone, Chaos Vantage and V-Ray Swarm to program search
  • New filter options to the Job and Node lists
  • Added benchmark indicators to the node row
  • 3ds Max plugins will be also searched at the new plugin addon environment variable (ADSK_3DSMAX_PLUGINS_ADDON_DIR)
  • Tiled image method, number of tiles and dependency type will be saved as default from now on
  • Added V-Ray Irradiance map status and progress
  • Fixed issue with 3ds Max quick submit buttons
  • Fixed issue when nodes are not starting single frame jobs after an error in the queue
  • Fixed issue with not closing 3ds Max when stopping corona spawner mode
  • Fixed an error that prevented the submission of scenes with tyflow
  • Fixed issue with Submit from 3ds Max buttons not triggering file save when required
  • Fixed issue with dependency type not being set correctly on job submission
  • Minor UI fixes and improvements

How do one submit Fusion jobs?

We already discussed this via email. But if anyone else is interested:
In the job submitter you just need to browse in the Fusion comp file, review the settings and press Submit.