Render Manager Not Registering Scene Manager Changes

I have a file with ~12 scene states, however when I load the file through Render Manager (sending via the file browser) the only options under Scene Manager are settings from several versions ago (~8 scenes, incorrect frame ranges etc.)

We’ve recently updated both Scene Manager and Render Manager, and so far have not had this issue with other files. When I open the file in 3ds Max all the scenes are correct, its only Render Manager that isn’t registering them correctly.

If Render Manager doesn’t show the latest Scene Manager states then please make sure that in the computer where you are working with the scenes has Render Manager installed as well. It doesn’t need to be licensed, but we require the RM 3dsMax plugin to be in place. This is responsible of saving the SM states to the place where RM can read it.

If RM is already installed in the computer then make sure to save the 3dsMax file before you select or browse it in Render Manager. Let me know if this helps!

Thanks! This seems to have solved the problem!

It might be a good idea to show a warning when using Scene Manager without Render Manager installed, I don’t think there was any indication that we’d need both installed.

It wouldn’t normally be a problem, but with remote work we’ve ended up having our workstations separate from our render farm, and I’d imagine we aren’t the only ones.

Thank you again for the quick reply!

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