"Some" feature requests

I’ve asked these through email a few months ago, so I’m adding them here. Hopefully you guys find the time to implement these.

  • When an HDRI is loaded in a dome light / environment / background. It takes a long time (5-10 seconds sometimes longer) to adjust the rotation or switch between camera’s. This is probably because of the resolution of the HDR map. Perhaps there is a way to load a map into the environment with a downsized version of the map (perhaps even already tonemapped like the corresponding JPG that is used for the library). But for the render the original HDR would be used ofcourse. This would prevent us to have and go and adjust the map with multipliers as well so we could see it in the viewport. Additionally, it would be great if the library could remember the gamma multiplier (by default per map). And/or if these parameters would be exposed in the menu and not the material editor (slow).

  • Could the dome light rotation perhaps also be visible in the actual rotation of the domelight. Vray has the lock rotation to domelight option, but this doesn’t influence the rotation in the viewport I think. But this option doesn’t need to be activated for it to show (the VrayDome light has a line indicating the direction of the light). I think you can link the rotation of the map to the rotation of the domelight.

  • It would be nice if you could find a way to implement this kind of script: http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/find-and-bind-vray-hdri-sun Where the vray sun can be bound to an HDR to provide extra shadow or the likes.

  • add ability to change/override some render settings (displacement, noise threshold,…) per camera

  • add ability to give objects some other properties without the use of layers, for instance hide, affect reflection,… etc.

  • Slow switch when render setup is open. Maybe switching camera’s can trigger the Render Setup to close automatically or with an option to do so? Because if the slowdown is unintended because of 3dsMax limitations, I think most of us would want it to be closed. So an option for auto-closure would be nice. And if it was open, it could maybe reopen after a few seconds of no rapid setup switching. Just thinking, not sure if this is feasible :-).

  • Having some basic options for the camera like EV value or white balance would be great.

  • Add Gamma multiplier for HDRi, Sun Size for VraySun / Sky

Or having the option to do add these previous 2 options yourself, like some modular system. This would be a bit too complex to program though and maybe defeats the purpose of the simple setup system you guys are trying to achieve. But it does introduce the possibility for everyone to create their own workflow and with as much or as little clutter as they want.

  • I have so many windows open all the time, the pulze window sometimes gets way underneath a pile of other windows. Clicking the Pulze button doesn’t bring the window back on top. I’m not sure if it’s possible but would be very handy.

  • Would it be possible to adjust the width of the window?

  • Option to colorize the blocks (set a default) so you have a quick view of what block is doing what?

  • When rendering scene after scene, when a new scene is loaded, windows automatically puts 3dsmax in the foreground, any chance you guys can disable that? When I’m working or typing and the windows pops back in view it’s quite annoying.


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I see that a few of my requests are already solved in the beta, but I don’t have access to it apparently.

Edit: I spoke to soon. Found it :slight_smile:

Hi Mantis,

So a lot of these got implemented and released a few days ago in version 1.5.2, and we still have some cool things in progress, so we will revisit this list.

Thanks again for taking the time and giving us feedback.

Yes, I’ve tested it for a few days and it’s awesome. Thank you and the team for all the work! Very cool.