Tiled Render Assemble Error (Corona CXR Image Format)

Hi Pulze Dev’s,

Tried a few tiled renders as an alternative to distribute.
Everything renders fine but during assembly of the cxr it gives an error. See below.

[{"_id":“E60825c6bbd3aa74717c3720e”,“code”:null,“continue”:true,“critical”:false,“description”:“There was an error while assembling cxr with Corona Image Editor”,“error”:“There was an error while assembling cxr with Corona Image Editor”,“ignored”:false,“ip”:“”,“jobId”:“J6082476076a69b55cd64ce37”,“result”:“Warning”,“searching”:true,“state”:“Working”,“success”:false,“taskId”:""}]

There is no issue with exr.


Dear Alex,

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Please contact us directly at support@pulze.io.

Most probably we will ask for the log files.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


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I am having the same, or similar, issue as Alex. We use Corona 7 (Hotfix 1) with 3ds Max and it doesn’t seem to matter whether I save an exr with separate render passes or an exr with combined passes, the rendering tiles are completed but the final image is never assembled. The job sits at 90% complete.

Was there ever a resolution for this thread? It would also be great if we could select which computer on the network would act as the workstation/distributor node. We’ve selected a particular machine under Admin>Distrubtor>Main Distributor but it doesn’t seem to work.

Please advise. Thank you!

It was supposed to be resolved but we abandoned this method and use the master with DR render nodes. This works better as we don’t have to pre-calc the UHD-Cache.

Thanks for the response, Alex.

How can I save an EXR with Corona and Pulze? The rendering finishes and is assembled when rendered as a JPEG but fails/hangs at 90% when trying to save it as an EXR.

Hi Tyler,

Could you please contact us at support@pulze.io and I’m sure we can help you out if you can provide more information, screenshots, logs, etc.

Looking forward helping you out!