Windows relogin on node

If i run render on the node, and someone else wants to control it, when he logs in, he will throw me out and log in under the same account. But for some reason the scene manager breaks the scene at this moment.

also small bug

Hi Silvercat,

Thanks for the heads up for the, the login through remote desktop and the freeze has been already reported and we are investigating. Will let you know if we can find a workaround.

For the resolution, just add in a few more digits and it should be all good.

By default we format and round the aspect ratio to 1.333, which gives you a slightly different result.


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Hey Silvercat,

Could you please confirm that the remote desktop problem only happens on pc-s that doesn’t have a monitor connected?


Hi, Peter!
yes. problem on the node without a monitor.
I don’t know if the problem will disappear if I have a monitor. did not try