3ds Max buttons - what's the difference?

Hi all,
maybe this is one of those things that are right in front of my face, but I can’t see it. When enabling the Pulze buttons on 3ds Max, there are 3 options:

  • Submit Render Job to RM
  • Submit Local Distributed Job to RM
  • Submit Distributed Job to RM

Can’t find anything in the DOCs, so… what’s the difference?


Fair question! The reason it is not covered in the docs because the new docs are work in progress. Also we discovered a nasty bug in the Submit from 3dsMax feature after the last update. The issue is that Render Manager won’t care if the file has changes in it and it won’t save a copy of it as it should, instead it will just take the last saved version and submit it. This will cause unexpected problems.

We are working on a fix and will release a new version soon.

Regarding the options:

  • Submit Render Job to RM will submit your scene as it is, it can be a single image or an animation
  • Submit Local DR Job to RM is a V-Ray only feature where your computer will be the master and the render nodes will join you
  • Submit DR Job to RM is also a V-Ray only thing, and it will create a simple DR job

You can try them out but make sure to save your file first :slight_smile:


I was starting to think I was missing something here, lol… Tks for the info!

Not sure if this bug is fixed, as I always save before submitting. But is it possible to add a button that sends all active scenes to RM from Max. I know it’s possible from within RM. But otherwise I have to click each scene one by one and click the submit to RM button. Or am I missing something?