3ds max empty scene crashes

Hi guys,
So as of today I got constant crashes with 3ds max. Even with new, empty scene.
The issue usually went like this - open 3ds max and within a matter of 5 min ,the RAM used by the 3ds max instance goes to 20GB of use.
I used to have something suspiciously similar with the same tools and 3ds max version on another computer, earlier this year. The culprit then was Vray license manager, and unistalling Vray solved the issues. Then installing Vray once again did not provoke the same 3ds max empty scene crash behaviour.
Due the latter, I was looking today for the culprit and in this case it appeared to be Pulze Render manager.

As this kind of issues get pretty suspicious and can totally ruin someone’s deadlines by forcing him to find which plugin forces 3ds max to behave like this and crash, I would like to ask the following:

Is such crashes due to the plugin licenses or 3ds max alone?
Are such crashes due to inability the software to communicate with the software developer servers by sending the username/password data?
Why, as in previous Vray case and this one - uninstalling a plugin which relies on license manager and then installing it back solves the issue?

I can send mini dump files.

Hi! Thanks for the report! Please send us the version of Render Manager and a log collection to support@pulze.io and we will try to figure out if its us or something else.