3ds Max freezes after second render when batch exporting


When batch exporting multiple cameras (with render elements) 3ds Max Freezes at the end of the second render. Camer001 renders perfectly. Then at the end of render for Camera002, after Corona Denoising, when the Render Window show “Cleaning Up”, 3ds Max freezes.

All I can do is End Task in Task Manager. Renders are not saved.

Is this related to the Render Elements? To the Render Elements Paths (or path structure with sub-folders)?

Hope you can help me.

Thanks you very much.


Hello Yann,

Thanks for the report! Yeah it seams like that this is because the paths to the render elements are not force updated when the max files are saved. We will make some adjustments and get back to you asap.


Hi Peter,

Do you have an update on the situation?
Batch rendering works only if I don’t have any “Render Elements”.
Unfortunately, I really need to be able to render those as well.
Is there a way to fix this as the matter is urgent for my current projects.

Many thanks,

Hi Yann,

I’ve made some adjustments to the max batch export method. Could you please visit this site, download the latest beta and give it a try: https://pulze.io/beta/scene-manager