3dsmax 2020 crashes when switching camera's in pulze

3Dsmax 2020 crashes when switching cameras in pulze scene manager, it happened several times in a scene. First a stop sign appears and then the message that max had a problem and needs to close, luckily the software asks to save so i just loose precious time.

Thanks for the report. We would need a bit more info in order to help you out. What is the render engine? Which scene manager modules are you using? Is IPR running while you are switching between the setups?

hi peter,

i’m using vray 5 hotfix 2 and not using ipr, i’m using espacially layers for my setting per camera, that includes lights and forests, the scene i’m using now has just 2 forests per view and one hdr dome light or a vray sun with sky in a dome. Just in the start fase of a new project, attached you can find the modules i’m using at this point. When doing a batch render everyting goes well.

Thanks for the detailed info. If you have some time could you please archive and upload your file to wetransfer or similar so we can recreate the problem. Your setup doesn’t seem complicated, so we have to check it closer.

Thanks in advanced and happy New Year :slight_smile:

hi peter,
i’ll make an archive of my scene so you could create a better view on what could be the problem.
At this point the problem is only increasing.
My best wishes to you and the pulze team!!

Hi Leroy,

We downloaded and opened your file and played with it for 10 minutes but we were not able to reproduce the crash. The only difference is that we opened it with 2021 so that might cause some differences. I see that you are switching around a couple of Forest objects. I’m pretty sure that that is causing the problem. The viewport and switching between cameras is very slow when the Forest objects are visible. Please try to decrease the point cloud density or switch to another display method, like box or pyramid for the ones that you are not actively using and see if that helps.