A few ideas from me after working on several animations done with it

  • optional number of render start times after an error
  • skipping frames and moving to the end of the queue rather than interrupting the render and restarting the node manually after max crashes
  • possibility to enable/disable multiple suns and hdri in a scene - this is actually for the Scene Manager
  • in some scenes i can’t run a render from a loaded file, i can only do this when i have the file open
  • render manager detects an existing cxr file and we can choose to write the file or to continue rendering from the cxr file - useful for animation when the animation is too grainy and more time is needed to render each frame!
  • periodically save the file to a selected location during rendering
  • Mobile phone application from which we can restart the computer, task, etc.
  • switching off the node when the task is finished or selection of computers to be switched off when all work is finished
  • running a batch corona script to export the klatex from cxr

Have a great day!