Ability to install Pulze RM in Distributer mode


When installing Pulze RM it would be really useful if there was a third option, ‘Distributer mode’, as well as workstation and node mode.

Distributer mode wouldn’t require a licence as its function would ony be to act as a permanent distributer device. As stated in the documentation, it is recommended that the distributer isn’t used for rendering so it seems wasteful to use one of our node licences for this.

I suppose what I’m asking for is something like the old Backburner manager.

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HI @dan.brew

Thanks for the suggestion, could be a great idea. At the moment we offer 2 extra licenses for the first subscription, in our minds this should cover the needs of the distributor for mid and large size companies that require a dedicated distributor machine.

Anyway we will look into how challenging would be to implement a “distributor license” and what can be downsides of it from our side.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply.

You’re right of course, you have given us us two extra licences. I was considering taking one of those licences off a render node when I had the idea for a distributer licence.

It may be more economical just to leave a workstation running as a distributer. Our setup is a little unusual as all our workstations and render nodes are virtual machines in Azure cloud. So the idea that we could turn off an expensive workstation was quite attractive.