Accessing render nodes from a remote network

Hi all,

This may be a very basic question, but I appreciate anyone’s time to help! I’m not well versed in network setup and management…

Can I set up Pulze Render Manager to submit jobs remotely to render nodes? Or does the render manager only work within a local network?

I have two render nodes in my studio, and a workstation. I am currently working from home on my personal computer, connecting to my work network via VPN and accessing my workstation via remote desktop to work and submit jobs (currently using Deadline as the render manager). The workstation and render nodes are all currently on the same local network.

I would like to bring my workstation home as it will make my work much quicker. Can I use Pulze Render Manager to submit jobs to the two Render Nodes even though I will no longer be on the same local network?

Many thanks for any help.


Hi Jason,

Unfortunately at the moment Render Manager only operates on local network. We have been working on it to implement the remote feature as soon as possible.

But the fact that you have VPN access to your studio is a big advantage. The suggested workaround is the following:
You can work on your workstation at home. In one of your nodes you can sign out from RM and sign in as Workstation. Hit the “Night Mode” button. In this way the node can join any job but you can create the job as well on this PC. So when you would like to render something you just have to open this node via remote desktop and browse the 3dsMax file under the job creation and create the job.

Of course the disadvantage of this setup that your workstation at home is not able to join this job.

Should you have any questions, just let me know.


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Hi Attila.

I think that workaround could work well for my set up - thanks!