Account logging & license checking


Would it please be possible to get SM faster at startup, preventing to log to user account and to check license each time SM is launched ? I mean, since subscription is monthly, what’s the point to check that often ? once a week or once a month could be sufficient IMHO … and it’s not a matter of internet connection speed (1Gb/s fiber here).

Thank you !



Thanks for the suggestion, but we are not considering to change our licensing behavior. Our licenses are all fully floating, so when you start Scene Manager it will pull a license and when you exit it will give it back, that is why there is some sort of minimal communication going in the background on each startup.

Once you logged in the email and password field should never come up again (unless you start another instance of SM pararell, but again that should be also saved).

The license check or pull should take a fraction of a second and then the rest will depend on whats in the max file and how many setups you have in it.

If you feel like it is not behaving correctly, meaning, it opens up super slowly in an empty scene and/or it always asks for your credentials then please contact us at and we can look into it.


Hello Peter,
Thanks for the fast answer. I don’t have “real” problem, apart the expectable behavior you describe, due to floating license (I wasn’t aware of this). I guess my solution would be not to close SM anymore during a 3dsmax session … do you have any partnership with a monitors brand, so that I can buy a third screen, dedicated to SM ?! just kidding of course, minimizing SM window will be fine :slight_smile:

Best regards.