Adding multiple exr and png files into a new document

I’m using scene manager to render 12 cameras inside the same scene. Out[puts are six exr files and 6 png file
I would like to use post manager to combine those files into a new PSD file, but cant figure out how to do this
They are no render passes, but only the regular 3ds max outputs
The PSD should look like this

the background will be a generic jpg
I was able to get the group structure, but couldn’t get any of the png’s or exr’s into the file
Is this even possible to achieve with post manager?

If I understand your issue correctly, you’d like to create a Photoshop template based on multiple render outputs.
Since Post Manager works with filenames, you can go around this with defining custom render elements, but that’s a hassle, since Post Manager is not intended for this kind of use.

Thanks for the reply
how would i define custom render outputs?
Is there any tutorial available about this?


There is an entry in the Docs here : Pulze | Post Manager - Documentation
Also there in an example in our tutorial here :