Allow different render element file types


I am writing a script that suits our pipeline and one part of the script is to have different filetypes for different render elements.

I know that this is possible with scene manager, but I cannot get it to work without scene manager.
Is there any way you can release a version were it is possible to have individual filestypes?

It doesn’t need to be a setting within Render Manager, just the ability to read whatever the render element is set to in the max file.

When I render on my own computer it works fine, but not on Render Manager. then all the elements become the same as the beauty pass.



The reason it is not working because we are stripping all the paths before render to force 3ds Max to reconstruct it to avoid any problems. It will use the file type that you defined in your main output path. We might add something like this later on.

I could help you with a script. Please reach out to and we will hep you out.