An unexpected exception has occurred in the network renderer and it is terminating


Have tried recently to use render manager on a more demanding project.
Both machines have the latest updates for all major plugins used - Corona,Itoo and Pulze.
Both get the very same message.

Followed the FAQ and found the culprit in this case by investigating the 3ds max log file. Thanks for putting this great tip !
It looked like there was an object with non existent texture which was situated in a folder onto the server and was not able to read/write the file.
As soon as deleted the object and the corresponding texture the Render manager handles the job.

That is great to hear :slight_smile: thanks for sharing!

Hi all! Our team has been having this same issue. Can you link me to the FAQ that was used to fix this? Thank you!!

Hey Thanks Peter!

any idea what this is? Tif Error: _TIFFVSetField - ???/???4???�???4???4?