Animated environment causes 3ds max to crash

When using coronasky environment slot 3ds max is crashing if I try to move the slider on the timeline and the slate material editor is open.
If I don’t start Scene Manager, this is not a problem. Soon as I start SM and make a setup , max crashes when moving the slider.
Firt it was an issue only if had the environment map animated, but now it crashes max even if i put the default coronasky in the environment slot an want to move the timeline slider.

Thanks @gabor.fleck for the report. Can I ask which Corona, 3ds Max and Scene Manager version are you using?

Latest Scene Manager, 2.5.8, Corona 11 hotfix 1, and max 2024.
In max 2023 it was fine, without crash, it started with max 2024. I also tried max 2025, but it also crashes. I did even more tests. It"s not only the animated environment, which crashes max, it’s also crashing, with the following setup:

  1. coronasky in the environment slot of max
  2. viewport background is set to “environment”
  3. an instance of the coronasky map is open in the material editor.
  4. Scene Manager is open, and active in the current setup
    This is a default setting, to tweak the clouds for example. So if I try to move the slider in this setup, max is crashing.