Animation frame range with distributed rendering

When Mode is set to animation, then we are allowed to set a frame range, but not allowed to use distributed rendering. I would like to set a remote master for distributed rendering of a range of images for animation. Is this possible?

We think it’s generally a bad practice to mix animation and dr rendering, therefore it is not possible. Dr is very effective rendering 1 frame but we thing there is no benefit when it used for a sequence. Is there a special reason that you would like something like this?

I have a project with heavy fluid simulation render frame sequences… this method lets me more quickly produce frame sequences than waiting for one machine to process one frame at a time. I have been doing this for years with back burner and would not necessarily call this bad practice, but personal preference utilization of resources. Cheers!

Okay great, I totally understand. There could be cases when mixing these methods might be efficient. I’ll make a note on this and we will see what can we do. Thanks!

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