Animation frames, reloading scene each frame?

Just starting out, and testing some simple animation frames… (spinning teapots)
each node appears to be loading the scene, and rendering each frame individually, not keeping max open each time??? Unlike backburner that assigns frames to computers once the scene is open…
That’s not a problem for a tiny teapot scene, but for a normal production scene of 300+mb, it’ll really slow things down?!
Is that the way pulze works? Is there a setup checkbox i’ve missed?

Hi Donal,

The render manager keeps max open during the entire job, unless there is some kind of error or crash. The only thing that you might experience is the flashing vfb and in some cases a task progress that says “Loading”, which means it’s preparing the file for the next task. As you mentioned, if we would close and reload max every time then it would be totally unusable :slight_smile:

ah ok, probably just how it looks on screen, will try a big scene, and see how it goes… thanks for the quick answer…