Arnold 5 in Max2022

Having some trouble getting Arnold to render from Max, using the latest Render Manager 2.0.18. 4 test nodes freshly installed just to trial the latest Render Manager -each have identical Max and Arnold configurations, Render Manager will not use those nodes in the job and cannot downgrade (Max2022 ships with MaxtoA v5). Am I doing something horrifically stupid? Thank you.

I don’t think you are doing a stupid thing :slight_smile: Could you please send us some collected logs from your main computer and from the render node that refuses to work.

To do that go to Settings > Support > Collect Logs select the computers involved press Collect and send us the created zip file to and we will get back to you asap!


Good evening Peter (it is 1am where I am), thank you for replying. I am working on it this evening when noone is around, I shall let you know what I work out in the morning. I suspect it is something I am doing, but Vray v5.0 is working fine. I should also take this opportunity to say I am impressed with Pulze. It is simple and easy to install and configure, and the interface is clean and well organised. One small complaint -the video tutorials are obviously NOT from the latest release of your software, makes it a little more difficult for a beginner. Thank you.

Peter, I am still unable to make Pulze see Arnold 5.0.1 in the nodes (or the master machine). I have attached the logs of my master (kba-remote) and of one of the nodes (kba-szx03). All 4 other nodes are identical. If I open Max on each machine, I can see Arnold is installed and working inside Max at version 7 (MaxtoA 5.0.1).
When I inspect the nodes for their software, they list everything correctly EXCEPT Arnold (the nodes show version 4.3.0)… please help! I must be missing something.

Thanks for the extra details and for the logs, we will review them and get back to you asap!