Auto startup of Pulze RM before logging in?


I have a bit of a weird one. I would really like Pulze RM to start-up automatically before I log in to the PC.

(I have a memory that this used to happen, 2 or so years ago?).

I have set Pulze RM to the windows start-up via the shell:startup thing (after a quick google). This doesn’t seem to work. Pulze still only loads once I log-in.

However, I have noticed if I do a restart of the PC (rather than a shut-down then turn on) Pulze will load in the background before I log in to windows. Odd.

Any tips here? Many thanks.

Hi @AnotherAngle3D

I’m not sure why it works for you after restarting. The thing is that Render Manager at the moment is a desktop app and not a service. It is still on our roadmap to rework some of the core parts and make it available as a true windows service.

In this case in theory it should be able to work without a logged in user, but to be honest I’m not sure what happens to 3ds Max or the mapped network drives in case of a domain.