Automatic re-join node after error


I am currently testing the render and scene manager (loving it so far), but I encounter an issue which is bothering me, but maybe I am doing something wrong.
As I am rendering an animation, sometimes my machine crashes the render and I get an error and stop rendering, until I manualy click on the “allow the device to re-join this job”.
Is there a way to set up an automatic re-join option? When the render crashes during night I loose the entire night because of it…


Hi @renato,

Great question. Currently Render Manager clears these critical errors every hour and it will allow the node to rejoin the job again. We understand that this is not ideal, so in the new version that we are working we will have built in options to retry x times before moving to the next job.

Hi @peter.sarhidai ,

I believe it is essential to have the freedom to choose the time interval for when the render manager searches for nodes again, in minutes.

For example, recently, I had an animation scene that worked perfectly in single-frame mode but had a memory leak issue when I started it as an animation. Depending on the RAM available on the nodes, they were run out of memory in 10-30 frames. I had to monitor the situation and manually rejoin the nodes since I didn’t have time to investigate the memory leak.

These situations can be quite frustrating.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @olrom

I totally understand your issue. Like I mentioned in a few other topics, we are going to add a retry feature and several setting around it in the next major update which you can expect in 2024 Q1.

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