Automatically detect missing frames for animation

Hello @peter.sarhidai ,

I’ve been using your wonderful Render Manager for about one month, doing some animation, and I have a suggestion.

When working on animations, things rarely go perfectly the first time. Sometimes, you’re already rendering in final quality, but still spot some issues, and as a result, you need to redo some frames for specific reasons. In the current version, you have to create new job for this frames, input them manually, which can be quite tiresome.

It would be very useful if there were an option in “edit job” mode to “scan the sequence,” and any missing frames would appear in the list. This feature would significantly simplify the work with animations.

I hope you’ll support this idea.

Best Regards

Hi @olrom

This has been suggested a few times now so it is definitely on our list and we would like to add it in Render Manager 3.

A scan button that would speed up this process is a great idea, thank you!