Automatically expand/collapse modules to fit scroll

Hello! I have a sugestion: Some option in the Options Menu to make scene Manager automatically expand/collapse the modules size to fit the scroll. What would this be useful to? Let me explain briefly:

The whole Scene Manager window has a general Scroll Bar. And when the mouse pointer is in any part of the whole window, the scroll works normally for the whole window too, like we expect. But when a specific module has its content overflowing its size, this module creates a scroll bar of its own. So when the mouse pointer is inside this specific module, the scroll button stops working for the general SM window, and starts working only for this module. Sometimes its frustrating, you start scrolling and then your mouse hover over some module and suddenly you start scrolling only inside that module. So I see myself constantly manually expanding my modules vertically to fit all its content (specially Render Elements and Layers, which gets big very fast).

So, would be possible to automate this? Make the modules automatically adjust their vertical size to fit its own content? I know it can create another problems in the stack layout, because some module might start pushing others to the bottom, but that’s why I suggested for it to be optional. I guess in my specific case I would rather have this and then rethink my layout :confused:

Anyway, is it feasible? Thank you!

HI @gecko3darchviz

Thank you for the suggestion, it definitely makes sense and I know how frustrating it can be. As you mentioned it is not a easy thing to implement but we are always up for the challenge and I can see that the next Scene Manager could have a feature like that.

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