Backwards Text when typing

Congrats on v1.0 guys! We’re been noticing a weird bug, say you want to change the job name and drag select right to left and your mouse leaves the render manager window as you are dragging and then start typing, the text line | will stay at the front and text will show up backwards.

Typing “Test” will show up as “Tset”. It doesn’t happen when the manager window is full size from what we can tell but if its a smaller window it will happen 100% of the time. Happens in the Project Number, Scene, Shot, Version and Job Name boxes.

Awesome, thank you. I can confirm that we managed to replicate this issue. We will look into it and update these inputs asap.

Ok great, started to feel like I had dyslexia until someone else in the office said they were having the same issue. Another issue we are seeing now (we are on 1.0) is with the “CREATE” button being greyed out when selecting an already open Max file, don’t have the issue when browsing for the file itself through file explorer.

It is grayed out most likely because it got stuck reading out the information from the opened file, or there is a critical sanity check error. If you could post a screenshot after it got stuck that would be helpful.

Also you could try disabling the sanity checks from the admin panel and see what happens after.

If the same thing happens over and over with the same or multiple files, please send it to and we will run some tests on it.

It happens to every job we’ve tried, started in 0.9.2 and no one has been able to submit via the open max file. Works fine when browsing manually for it. I can try disabling Sanity Check next though.

Also do you know why It always tells us the Render Resolution is lower than 1920*1080 when it never is?

Okay thanks, there is clearly some kind of bug under the hood, could you please send us a file, and the collected log from this pc and I’ll look into it first thing in the morning.

I’ll also check the Render Resolution sanity check, but for now you can disable it from the admin panel.

Sure thing, I did disable all sanity checks and the bug still happened. I will send you the files + logs shortly.

Hey info1!

The only way i could reproduce this issue is when i try to select an existing text in an input field with the mouse, and than hover it out of the Render Manager window, and only then release the click.
After doing this, the typing happens reversed!

I have checked out this bug, and there is no way to fix it without breaking other parts of the input field.
The easy way around this, is to select the existing text while staying inside the RM window.
I hope this helps!