Bake To Texture - Network Rendering

Hey all,

 Just wondering if it's possible to use Render Manager or Scene Manager to run BakeToTexture (BTT) for network rendering? I know it's possible to use RenderToTexture (RTT) with Backburner, however, as these are both legacy, it'd be nice to utilize the newer interface of BTT.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Hi @grumpyrobot76

Great question! We just added RTT to our to-do list for Render Manager, so it should be coming in the next major release!

please note @peter.sarhidai, @grumpyrobot76 is referring to BTT (Bake to Texture) not RTT (Render To Texture).

FYI incase you are wondering Peter, we already have made a script that sends the BTT dialogue to backburner using cmdjob (similar to a batch render). It works however it would be nice to port this to pulze instead at a later stage (asap really). No pressure just giving you a heads up on the situation, currently our BTT passes can distribute each pass to a server and then render the BTT map however the process is a bit hindered by backburner methods (saving each BTT map/object to a .max file, dependencies is also an issue). If you can please let @grumpyrobot76 know and I can contact you on further details.

Yeah, thanks @jmdvella. @peter.sarhidai I think BTT should be added to your list above RTT, as the interface is a lot cleaner for BTT. RTT is legacy and as such, the UI is just terrible. Thanks guys.

@zac.arato76 Yes my bad, I meant BTT for sure :wink: we won’t bother with RTT.

@jmdvella Thanks for the info. I think we have everything at this point to make this work, luckily we have much more flexibility then backburner when it comes to putting 3dsmax to work, so it should be much smoother.

Maybe if you guys can give us some hints that what would you like to control when it comes to BTT job?

Perfect thanks for clarifying @peter.sarhidai

Basically the ability to netrender BTT passes separately (similar to how RTT does it). So if you have 30 objects/maps to bake, it sends it to the network and splits it across 30 servers.

Also for our own functionality moving from backburner to Pulze any associated documentation if necessary, otherwise if you can do it through the Pulze GUI then maybe that wont be necessary.

Perfect, once we have something that works we will reach out for sure!

Hi @peter.sarhidai , just wondering if there is any update on this? Do you think anything this year or will it be a next year update? Thanks again.

Kind Regards, Zac

Hi @grumpyrobot76

Sorry for the late answer. This will be definitely next year and it will be a part of Render Manager 3 for sure.