Baking setups is extremely slow on large scenes


I have 2 production scenes that have a large amount of objects.
On one scene that has ~6000 objects, SM took 6 minutes to bake just 2 setups.
On another scene that has ~16,000 objects, SM took more than 30 minutes to bake just 3 setups.

In all my setups, I only use Cameras, Time Output, Resolution, Environment, Layers. I do not use Objects at all, and it is off.

I am not sure what is going on at all. However, looking at the baked scene states, I suspect SM created unnecessary Scene State Parts for Object Properties, Layer Assignments, and Materials. I suspect 3dsmax needs to crawl through every single object and every single material to create those scene states, even when we don’t need to. I think baking setups should not be related to how many objects or materials there are at all.


Hello Vincent,

Thanks for sharing your problem. We also made some tests on some large files and you are right it can be very very slow. We made some adjustments and from now on you will have some extra scene state options. By unticking Object Properties and Materials it will be all good again. Please close and reopen the Scene Manager (version 2.1.0) and the new options should be available.


Hi Peter,

This worked perfectly, thank you!