Batch render with same camera

Hi, how do you batch render from the same camera? i have few different setups but using the same camera, i use get scene settings to save a setting for each object i want to hide or show but all using same camera but when it renders it is over writing the file each time

Hello @mitfordshawn,

Maybe you could try adding a custom scene name module, and then add Scene Name to the naming of your output files ?

will try that, I am a newbie so :slight_smile:

ok what the french toast is up with Pulze, I didn’t use it for awhile, now am using it again, I think all is setup ok then i come back to check, the batch folder is empty, seriously, what am i doing wrong here?

Without seeing the other modules of your setups, the first thing I see is that there is no file extension in your output files ?!

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yes sorry, after carefully watching the youtube video i saw i needed to add the extension option and when its red it means there is an issue, i didnt know this was trying to wing it without watching the videos, thank you anyway, i posted it before i found the video

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