Beauty pass is not saved

Hello. I am quite confused about how Render Manager saves beauty pass and elements. If I don’t select “Common” and leave it off, Render Manager does not save the main image but saves correctly all the elements. If I select “Common” and it give it a path, it saves all elements plus the main image on the selected path. The problem is that I want my main image to be .exr, some elements to be in .jpeg and some other elements to also be .exr…

This is for an animation sequence and I am using 3ds Max 2020 and Corona 6 (Hotfix 2)

“Save file” is on and with proper path inside 3ds Max scene.
I am pretty sure I am doing something wrong.


Hi Christos,

The common output represents the output path set in the Render Settings > Common tab. This is responsible of saving your beauty, if you turn it off render manager will clear out the path and won’t save it, since you chose to do that. The elements are saved because the render elements are still turned on and they have their own save path. This is by design of 3dsMax.

Hope this makes sense. If you would like to have a proper output especially with Corona you should always use the Common output in Render Manager.

Thank you for the answer Peter. It solves one part of the mystery. However, I still don’t understand why enabling Common overrides file type for elements. It saves all elements as the file type is set for Beauty pass.


That is a great question, it is an age old problem and behavior of 3ds Max, it doesn’t makes sense. Probably this is why V-Ray did his own output saving mechanic.

The problem that you describe behaves the same with or without the Render Manager.

Really? I didn’t know about this. It’s not the case for me though. If I render just 1 test frame only in my main workstation it saves everything as it should. Even when I use Rebus for whole sequences it still saves everything as it should.