Camera rendering with target incorrect

Hello all - Using Corona 9 latest daily, and the latest SM and RM (2.1.5) with Max 2022 windows 10.

When I send a job from Max to RM, my camera renderings completely wrong. It’s like the camera XYZ is correct but the camera target has moved in some wild, unpredictable direction. Anyone else running into this? When I just hit ‘render’ in Max it renders fine.

I rolled back to 2.0.29 and it renders fine, so it’s definitely the new version of RM doing it to me.

Cheers for any ideas and happy to share the scene as necessary,

hi, i also have the same problem. Max 2021. corona renderer 8.2. win 11

Hi. sorry for such late reply. Please download and install this patched version again: and it should behave as it should!

We experienced this issue today with the newest version. We tested with and without camera target, and when the target was enabled, the camera turned to a random angle.