Cannot connect to the server

Hey guys,
I’m having issues getting connector to connect to the server. Just contentiously says “ERR_NO_CONNECTION”.

I definitely have internet connection so I don’t know why its doing this.

It kicked me out of Pulze earlier which left me having to remove the files from the temp location.
I can know get to the login screen but can only access the “read only version” since it cannot connect

Anyone else having issues?

It also says “Connection Reset” which is new.

Many thanks,

Hi Michael,

Did your issue got resolved since? In cases like this it is recommended to restart 3ds Max and or your computer.

Hey Peter, Unfortunately not. It randomly happens now. It’s gotten to the point that I need to constantly reopen Pulze to see if it “worked this time”. I’ve restarted my PC and max, re-installed Pulze, removed temp files/folders but still no luck.

Hopefully it’s one of those things that solves itself!

Many thanks anyway,