Can't connect to Pool over VPN

Hi Pulze team! We’re testing out the Render Manager V2 in our studio. I saw in another forum reply that some users have gotten it to work over a VPN, and was wondering if you could provide any more info on how they did it? Based on our network traffic it seems like the software is communicating across the VPN, but it will not connect to the remote Pool. The error is always the same: “This replier error on: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX | close”. The log file I was able to find in AppData didn’t offer any more information. I have tried both with and without the “Multi network connection”, and when I go to create a new pool it correctly detects the VPN as a network adapter.

We’ll continue to test it locally, and can submit jobs from machines within the render farm’s LAN, but with most of us working in other locations it would be great to connect over the VPN.

Hello. I posted the same question myself back in February.
It would be great if someone who managed to do that could make a small tutorial.
The holy grail of DR would be sending you jobs to the renders slaves from anywhere in the world.
It would improve greatly my workflow and I’m pretty sure a lot of others’ too.

I don’t know much about networks, so I was never brave enough to try it myself, but my guess is that it could work along these lines:
-Create a virtual LAN using hamachi, for example to make pulze think you are connected locally. (Or maybe VPN could be an option…)
-Have all the libraries and files between the 2 computers synchronized (using Resillio sync or any cloud service)

Another idea could be linked to the fact that pulze creates a new max file for each job in the same directory of the source .max file.
So, once that newly created .max file is synchronized on the render slave drive, maybe pulze could have an option to load it as a job.

I don’t know, but this is one I am really looking forward to.


Hi Paivamail,

We’ve got a site-to-site VPN set up that we use for working remotely, that lets us communicate pretty normally with our farm nodes as if they were on a LAN. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get Pulze 2.0 working within this setup… We’re due to update to the latest release (2.0.29) after we wrap up our current video project, I’ll try again then and will post here if I get it working!

In the interim, our workaround has been to set one of the farm nodes as a “workstation” user in Render Manager and to submit jobs from there. Since we don’t have any issues syncing data from our remote sites to the renderfarm, or with remoting into our nodes, this has been working well.

Hi @JoshH any updates? Same issues and error here.

Unfortunately no, our workflow has been to author the files locally, sync them to our render farm, and then open / send them via a remote PC. Never got the software to talk over the VPN.