Can't fetch HDRI amp Fstorm


I just tried your scene manager for the first time after watching the intro videos. It looks very interesting for me but I get stuck at the first step. I can’t fetch the HDRI and I don’t know how else to get the map to the HDRI slot. Also, my HDRI has an offset in height but there is no setting for that in the Scene Manager. My renderer is Fstorm.

Without this working the software is useless to me, and thats unfortunate because I like the workflow!

How can I fix this?


Hello Joep,

I suggest watching the tutorial about the hdri and environment
I show how to browse and load in an hdri and then put it on the material editor to change some of it’s properties. There is even a short Fstorm part in the tutorial where I show the differences
compared to V-Ray ( The important thing is that you start from the Scene Manager and promote your material to the editor, not the other way around.

You can also try the “Fetch Current Scene” function ( for cases where you already have everything in your scene (lights, cameras, hdri, etc) and you want to automatically create a setup from it.

Currently we have control for horizontal rotation. Height offset is such a rare thing in my opinion that it’s not worth to add a control for it to the Scene Manager, you can easily do it in the material editor as usual.

Let me know how it goes.

Oke I got it to work. You have to enable the background slot (although it doesn’t the HDRI show in the viewport) and then the fetch option. Now I can still control my HDRI, in the material editor, which is important because you also need to control the Gamma in Fstorm.

I don’t understand how you can say the height isn’t important, you can control the shadows and for interiors you want to control where the sunlight is falling. So very important to me!

Thanks for you help.

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Plus 1 for height offset. Definetely important.

Usually I have an HDRI plus an Alpha Environment both controlled by an FStorm color correction node .
What’s the best way to save these two at the same time?

Hi Bobby,

I assume I’ve just answered your questions via mail but please let me answer over here as well, for expand the common knowledge :slight_smile:
So in the case of FStorm you have less option to control the scene compared with V-Ray but there is a workaround. I suggest using the “Render Settings - Override” card. With the help of this you can easily assign any Alpha Environment per camera.
For more info please check the tutorial video on the Pulze YouTube channel (it shows Corona but you will get the idea):

Whenever you fetch an HDRI Scene Manager does not check the v direction offset. But of course you can edit it any time in the material editor -as usual- and Scene Manager will remember your settings correctly. The only issue over here that there is no separate slider for the v offset on the card. I do accept and understand that it is important for you and in the next version we are planning to implement the option to design your own card based on your needs. Now the vertical rotation is not listed because we would like to keep the UI as simple as possible and we experienced that the majority of the users don’t need that, but again we listen to you guys and we will provide a solution soon :slight_smile: