Can't find assets

I’m trying to render a scene, where I collected all the assets and trying to render it out on one of my workstation’s local hard drives through Render Manager. I relinked all maps and xrefs and in both 3dsMax and Connecter, the paths are correctly linked to the local harddrive.

But in Render Manager I’m getting the warning that I’m missing all of my assets, when displaying the list it shows the old paths. I have no clue how to relink this paths if they are correctly linked in Max and Connecter.

Edit: I tried the Render Manager Support dialogue with Logs but I’m getting an error.

Have you saved the file after relinking it and then started the submission process? To speed up things Render Managers reads the list of used assets from the max file and not from the actual opened scene, therefore you have to save your changes first. You might need to close and reopen the submission window to make sure the information is fresh.

Also what happens when you submit the job not caring about the warnings?

Hi Peter,

I’ve saved, closed, reopened, resaved. Rebooted. Restarted Render Manager a couple of times in the process. Nothing helps. If I ignore, then I’m getting a, “no access to (W and V drives which are the drives of my other workstation) error”. I’m trying to resolve it differently (by creating those drives now and mirroring the files), so it shouldn’t be a problem anymore (haven’t tested it yet, cause it needs time to sync) but this seems like a bug. It’s weird that render manager keeps referring to these files even if there’s no more trace left of them in the max file itself.

Could you send us the file to as it is, without assets, so we can have a look.

Did it. As a follow up. I’ve managed to recreate W and V drives on my workstation. Still complaining about the missing assets at first, but at least now it’s rendering, by the looks of it (for now it’s not missing any assets), no errors in the jobsection either.