Can't install Max 2021 version

Hi - Running the installer for the latest version of the Scene Manager, 1.5.2, and the installer does not show Max 2021 as an install option.
I have a fresh install of Max 21, with the latest updates installed, but the only version the Pulze installer shows is for my Max 2020 install.
Any suggestions? I’ve already done a clean reinstall of Max 2021, but no different.


Hi Dave,

Please make sure that you have the correct Environment Variables for 3ds Max 2021:


In the next major update we will change our installer to a more robust one, until then you have to have ADSK_3DSMAX_x64_2021 variable set to the installation directory.

Fantastic, thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Hi, I’ve also encountered on that problem in version 1.6.0, while using 3DStudioMax Design 2015. It looks like Scene Manager doesn’t see any ‘Design’ type of 3DS, because they use ADSK_MAXDES_x64_#### variable. I applied your solution to manually add an additional variable ADSK_3DSMAX_x64_2015 and it worked. :slight_smile:

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Had the same issue. Wasn’t sure how to fix this despite the post above because I didn’t know how to access Environment Variables - for those of you who are apparently as tech savvy as me, just type Environment in the search box of windows > click on Environment Variables and amend or delete as necessary. Thank you Peter for the original post.

Thank you Michael for the clarification! We owe you a beer :slight_smile:

Damn, I’ve just seen this lol I’ll hold you to that if COVID ever becomes a thing of the past! :smiley:

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