Can't load open scene with Corona RC2

Hi, since upgrading to Corona 8 RC1 I get this error message when I try to load an open scene:

It works fine if the scene is closed.

From our tests this is not related to Corona. By any chance you have a tyFlow cache operator in your scene? If yes then we have a beta version that solves that problem.

Thanks Peter :slight_smile:

Actually, I didn’t even have TyFlow installed on this version of Max. I’m pretty sure there was no TyFlow cache in this file, still, though, to answer your question.

If it continues to happen, I’ll let you know. Thanks!

In this case could you please send us the file to and we can figure out what is wrong quickly.


I have exactly the same issue.
All was fine - same scene but Corona 8 RC1.
It should have something to do with the fact it is no longer Corona but Chaos Corona.

We are actively working making Corona 8 compatible with our products, but so far we have not bumped into problems because of the naming, so the problem should be somewhere else. Can you send one of your scenes to our support and we will figure it out!

Thanks in advance!

The only thing changed since yesterday is Corona. All is the same.
Link to scene can be found here.

Pulze Render Manager gives the message as soon as one has a scene opened which intends to render. If one selects non-opened 3ds max scene via the Render manager and tries to render it - all goes smooth until beginning of rendering. Then Pulze Render manager gives errors regarding version of Corona and suggest downgrading. Neither approach works.

ok, disregard my last comment regarding the alternative way to render via Render Manager - (pick up a scene from location).
Tried saving the scene with latest RC2 and then loading it. It loads , “starts rendering” and then Render Manager return “Red signals for une

xpected error and crash”

I’ve just noticed that the problem occurs with RC2, sorry :slight_smile: Downloading it now and will have a look. Thanks for the file as well.

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Okay, managed to fix the mentioned issues. We are in the middle of fixing some other things. We will release a beta version as soon as possible that is compatible with Corona 8.