Can't load Shots in Rendermanager


my Scenemanager Option is greyed out, but i have multiple shots activated in my scenemanager?

Hi Florian, seams like the render manager can’t read out the required information from the browsed file. Do you experience the same if the file is opened? Could you send us the file to and we will have a look.

Tried both. Submitting when 3dsMax FIle is open and closed.

Thanks Florian we will get back to you asap.

Can you give any more specific information, when max2021 support will be implemented?

Also i would change the compatibility description on your render manager page (2014-2020) to prevent misconceptions like that.

thanks in advance!

Hi Florian,

We are currently testing 3ds Max 2021 and also the latest V-Ray version that got released yesterday as well as a few other fixes. Let us get back to you in a few days with a new build. We will also update the main page to reflect the compatibility, thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks for your patience.


I’ve come across the same problem but in 3DSMaxDesign 2015 (Vray 3.7).
I’ve also checked it with max scene opened and closed.

Is there any solution to this issue?

Or maybe there’s a way to submit render jobs to render manager directly from scene manager?


Could you check the scene with a newer and none Design version of max? Unfortunately I don’t have access to that version of 3dsmax right now. If you could upload your scene and send it to we will be happy to give it a try.

Also please note that render and scene manager uses a few features that are only variable in max 2019+, for example versions before max 2019 the Scene Manager option in case of browsed files will be always grayed out, because only the running version of max contains the required information.

Right now we don’t have access to newer 3DS, maybe we’ll give it a shot with a trial one.