Can't start job, requierements error. Missing correct version of Vray

So, everytime I try to use Render Manager, I can’t get it to work. Either it’s missing assets that aren’t missing or some other errors (passes not saving, paths that can’t be found, requirements of access to drives that are nowhere to be found in the max file anymore, etc etc…)

And now after a month I want to try and use it again, I’m getting Requirements error. All the software is updated to the latest versions (Max 2022, with Vray 6.00.06).

But he’s not saying I’m missing Vray 6.00.06, but I’m missing I can’t be the only one with these problems…

It’s really really starting to get on my nerves. I already have this software for half a year and not even once did it do what I want it to.

I’ve also posted this to the Chaos forums, as this very much feels like a typo, maybe pulze hasn’t got anything to do with. But who knows.

BTW, pressing the downgrade version requirement button doesn’t work, the error is still there when he wants to start rendering, because he downgrades it to 6.6.***

Also, I was checking for updates in the software itself and I’m getting an “Error while checking for update.”

Really frustrating paying for something that doesn’t do anything.

Hi Mantis,

Yeah this sounds frustrating. Could you please reporduce the problem and send us some collected logs to and I’ll have a look at it now!