Change multiple output paths at once

It seems I can’t have multiple setups selected and change their output path settings all together.


Can this please be considered? It’s very painful to go thru a big heavy scene and individually change each output setup.


Good question, almost all the modules support multi selection for a long time now, including the output paths. I’ve made a quick test and it worked for me as expected. Can you share some screenshots? I’m happy to investigate further!


Upon further investigation I’m seeing that it’s a slightly complicated issue…

If I have, for example 3 setups:
#1 is set to output as *.jpeg
#2 is set to output as *.jpeg
#3 is set to output as *.png

If I click on the output file type droplist of #3 with all 3 setups selected and choose *.png they will all remain as they were (ie; 2 x jpg and 1 x png). But if I change this to *.jpg they will all be *.jpg.

So… I guess this isn’t really an issue, but just something we have to beware of.