Changing cameras with Corona IR


I’m noticing quite a bit of wait time when changing cameras in Pulze Scene Manager with Corona interactive rendering.

It almost seems like Corona calculates displacement etc. before changing the camera - but I find that stopping IR, changing the camera in Scene Manager, and then restarting IR is actually faster than simply changing the camera in Scene Manager.

  • There is nothing in the Scene Manager setups except the camera selection.

  • Switching cameras normally in Max with Corona IR active is almost instant.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Max 2021.3, Corona 6 (hotfix 1)

Hi there,

We have something in the settings that might help you out. If this is still not okay, please send your scene to and we will run some tests to figure out where is the bottleneck.


You’re right, I enabled this setting to check the difference and forgot to turn it back off. Works perfectly now.

Thank you!

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