Commercial renderfarm compatibility?

Are there any known commercial renderfarms which can make use of Scene Manager?

Hi @dplusvisuals

Thanks for your question. You can submit Scene Manager scenes to Helio ( directly. They are our partners for a long time now and they offer an excellent service with great support. You can read more about this feature here: Pulze x Helio | Seamless cloud rendering

Thanks Peter,
I have a new project coming up whereI want to use Scene Manager so I’ll check the Helio cloud rendering option


Sounds great! Let us know if you need any help.

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I am also about to start using SM with an external renderfarm and I would love to use Helio. However, support for non-current tools is limited. What can you advise to use with Max2020 and VRay5? I know Rebus has support for both.

Hey @erik

I’m sure there is a reason behind using 3dsMax 2020 and V-Ray 5, but my advise would be to update :slight_smile:
We don’t support any other render farm solution. Feel free to contact the helio support I’m sure they can help you out.

Hi Peter,

Yes, new projects use latest versions. However there are a few longterm projects that result in too much issues after loading. Mostly because of some custom plugins. I will contact Helio. BTW: congrats on latest SM release…top job!! :+1: :muscle: