Control Lights Card

Would be nice if there was a card to control the lights. ON/OFF, temperature, power,…

I don’t like to duplicate lights in different layers, I know that that is an option but too much work and less parametric. Besides then I’d have to turn off render hidden lights and that breaks my entire flow of isolating elements and rendering them to see how they look (without having to isolate the lights as well).

Dear Mantis,

We completely agree with you! It is on our roadmap to introduce a dedicated “Artificial lights” card. It is a complicated one but we have been working on it. Stay tuned!

Best regards,



I found that it is possible to turn off lights by using the object card, and using the renderable toggle. At least in Vray.

One drawback is that this doesn’t provide any visual feedback in the viewport. Normally lights that are off have a black color, while lights that are on are yellow. With the renderable toggle, there is no change visually in the viewport.

I would also like to see something dedicated to lights.