Corona 8 tone mapping - Render settings - Override doesn't work

I’ve just installed Corona 8 and I have the last version of Scene manager, I noticed that “Render settings - Override” doesn’t work for Corona 8 tone mapping on my pc (it works wih bloom/glare and denoising), so basically I’m not able to fetch changes for corona 8 tone mapping between scenes. I believe it’s related to corona 8 because I had the last version of Scene manager with corona 7 and it worked.
Did anybody experience this issue as well?
Thanks in advance,

Hi Gian,

If you would like to control the new tone mapping properties of Corona 8 you need to use the Post-production module introduced in the new latest Scene Manager.

Hi Peter,

I am bringing up this old thread as I’m having similar issues as Gian. I am using Corona 9 (Hotfix 1) with 3ds Max 2022. In the Post-production module, I fetch the tone mapping settings from the Corona VFB of each scene as you suggested and the settings adjust as expected when switching between scenes. If I use distributed rendering within 3ds Max/Scene Manager, the images are saved out with the tone map settings. Great! My problem occurs when the scene is distributed with Render Manager. The tone mapping is ignored and the images are saved out with, what appears to be, a global setting. Is there a way to fix this or is there a setting I am unaware of?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @tyler!

When you say scene is distributed with Render Manager, do you also use distributed rendering?

Because atm that won’t work, 3dsmax.exe is in network rendering mode is not able to save the scene and send the new values to the DR Server / Spawner.

We tried a few alternatives last year and it worked for a while using 3dsmaxbatch but then with Corona 8 it breaked again and it was not working at all. If this is the issue we will check again and see if the latest Corona release behaves in this case and we could probably make is work again.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the response. I was using Render Manager to create jobs with the Distributed Rendering (Beta) setting. The image shows up correctly in the VFB on each machine but is saved onto our network drive without the tone map settings for each scene. If I render the same scene, using distributed rendering, from Scene Manager on my workstation, the image is saved correctly.

I rendered a test yesterday evening with the Tiled setting in Render Manager and it seemed to work as expected. Should this be the solution we use moving forward? Thanks again!