Corona Denoiser Freezing Random frames at the end of the process

Hi all,

Hoping for some pointers on an annoying issue i’m having and trying to narrow down the cause. I’m not convinced this is a RM issue to be honest and posted this on the corona forum as well. I’m getting random freezes at the end of the denoiser process on final renders which i have to end task and restart the frame. It seems to be sporadic and doesn’t happen to any particular file and happens across the board randomly whether rendering 1080 animation frames or hi res stills. It happens on both detailed interiors and exterior scenes with HDRI or Sun&Sky. I can’t reproduce the issue at will, it either happens or doesn’t which is causing me no end of frustration especially when leaving sequences unattended over the weekend on the “farm”. The crash can happen when rendering local or using the farm. The only common thing is that its gets to the last of the denoiser passes and hangs without saving. The PC is still responsive, Its just max that sits there doing nothing.

It doesn’t flag as an error on the render manager either as it just says “working” because as far as its aware it chugging away on the frame. I’m at a bit of a loss and hope someone can give me a push in the right direction. However task manager does say max is unresponsive. A workaround would be a way for RM to auto flag this as failed task and restart the render. I’m hoping there are some kind of options for better error management in the new 2.0. As when tasks do error out the node automatically goes red until you click the button to allow the node back in. Some kind of system for “5 consecutive fails = Blacklist” would help with redundancy here as sometimes nodes error out for no apparent reason. (again not an RM issue, likely a max instability issue as usual :slight_smile: )

I’m running:

  • Corona 7
  • 3DS Max 2021.1 (I’m going to update to 2021.2 to see if that helps. I usually wait until patch one is applied to max before updating to the new one)
  • TR 3990x
  • 128gb RAM
  • scene manager and render manager

Thanks for any help anyone can offer. Any further questions or info needed just ask away.

Also, any ETA on 2.0? Production is ramping to a point the new features would be VERY handy!)


Hi Curtis,

Thanks for the detailed description. We can definitely help by providing you Render Manager version 2 which is currently in beta. Please drop us a line to and I’ll get you on the beta list. I guess it’s worth trying that out even if it’s beta it’s now much much more powerful than version 1. Run for a few days and whenever it gets stuck on the denoise again let us know and we will ask for a couple of things.