Corona Select Material

Would it be possible to add support for Corona Select Material, please ? this would allow to render the same camera several times, but with a different material (= different number of the Select Material), it would be verty practical :wink:


Best regards.

Nicolas Caplat

Hello Nicolas,

This request is well received. We have been working on it to support Corona Select Material. It will be introduced in the next major upgrade. According to our roadmap it will happen in 2021 Q2.
Thank you for your patience.

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Good morning Attila,

Thank you for your fast feedback - these are great news !!
Scene Manager is really becoming, day after day, a real must-have :slight_smile:

Best regards.

Did this ever happen? :slight_smile:
Is there a way to control select material (I want to switch between HDRi’s plugged into a CoronaSelect material)

I was wondering the same thing yesterday.

Was it implemented already? I couldn’t find it.

Hi @AnotherAngle3D and @Morzyk

Yes it is possible. To be honest I’m not sure when it was added, but if you download the latest beta from our website it should be good. You just need to pick the CoronaSelect map and then pick the “selected” property to control it.


Oh, that is great to hear!

But, sometimes we use a couple of different CoronaSelect maps. For example second one for visibility override.
Is there an option to change parameters in a couple of different CoronaSlect maps at the same time for each Camera?

Thanks for helping Peter!

Hi Peter,
Does it work for Environment tab only at the moment? If so, is there any way to implement it to object tab or create material tab where we could control materials of specific objects?

Hi @Morzyk and @inkvisual

At the moment CoronaSelect map will only work in the Environment module. Later on we will try to make the system even more flexible so you can basically control everything.

A pure material/map module is a good idea, will look into it!

Ah, excellent! I totally forgot about this feature…

But now having used it in a project, I know why I forgot about it… It’s awfully awfully slow :frowning:

I select a new set-up and it takes 5-10 seconds to load thanks to the corona select option. Any hopes in improving this? When changing the selection via the actual node in material editor it is almost instantaneous and not slow like when using Pulze.


That is interesting. Could you share us a production scene (including assets) that we can look into?


I can’t share the scene, unfortunately, but I made a screen recording for you. It happens in all scenes, so reproducing it shouldn’t be a problem. See recording here:

And another here where I switch between cameras only. Also fast, so it’s definitely a Pulze issue :slight_smile: